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Travel Risk Management Safety and Security Tip 69 - Travel Information and Intelligence [Video]


All travel should be considered to contain elements of risk, until proven otherwise. This requires the journey, the traveller and the destination to be evaluated for the potential for harm or loss, prior to a review of control measures, which in turn determines the final risk. Read More...
Travel is no different to any other workplace. Information, support and resources need to be specific to the workplace, that is destination and all the locations travelled to. It must be devoid of unnecessary or general content that discourages travellers for using on each and every journey. Read More...
The same degree of workplace or occupational health and safety can/should be applied to travel destinations required for business. There are not only laws that related to the provision of such services and standards but there is no logical reason to apply one set of rules and qualitative guidelines to one work environment, to then ignore another without systematic consideration and management. Read More...

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Travel Risk Management Safety and Security Tip 26 - I can do business anywhere now



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