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Pre Travel Safety


Even before you have undertaken a planned or proposed trip, we are analysing all the booking, personal, business, destination and event factors likely to affect you and your journey directly. This is part of our “foreseeable risk” evaluation.

Travel Safety Monitoring


Monitor mobile employees and contractor’s┬ásafety, travel progress, arrivals/departures, speed, battery charge and more from a single business travel safety monitoring system.

Travel Safety Management


A compliant, legal ‘safe work system‘ that includes travel requires a number of interoperable and complementary systems. This cannot be outsourced! We provide the baseline documentation that all businesses require, to fulfil their obligations.

Travel Safety Tracking


In the same way you share your location with family and friends, you can select to share your location with our travel safety support team, using your own phone, an array of mobile apps, and you choose when to turn it on or off.

Personal Travel Safety/Security


We are constantly monitoring and analysing thousands of pieces of information, hazards, reviews, assessments, events and changes specific to your location. We then evaluate your level of preparedness and experience, to create a personal travel safety analysis, consistent with international safety legislation and risk-based analysis.

Travel Safety Solutions


The delivery of a travel safety management solution within any business requires “safe work systems”, which is likely to include internal and external stakeholders or service providers. We can help you navigate the complexity of international safety standards and legislation, while managing the safety and security of your mobile employees.